Hey folks, long time no blog, but I'm back and here to stay!

Very excited to have just wrapped day 2 of the second round of filming Basics with Babish - as you can see from the premiere of the show, creation of Basics takes much more resources, manpower, and time than Binging.  Even though we just pulled a couple 12-hour days and have more ahead of us, I'm feeling energized and enlivened.  Some new camera tricks were tried, more complex and delicious dishes plated up, and my apartment heated to new theoretical temperatures.  I couldn't be happier or more excited.

Thank you guys so much for your support as Basics takes its first steps - your conversation and feedback have been instrumental in helping to grow into everything it should be.  Couldn't be more excited to conduct my first-ever live stream on Thursday!  Hope to see you guys there!

Also - recipes for the recent Binging episodes are coming back to the website soon - in the meantime, check out the shopping list for ingredients and equipment for this week's live stream!