Possibly my most technically challenging episode yet is also possibly the dumbest.  From finding just the right size and style canvas bag, to recreating logos, to buying printers and heat transfer paper, to ordering a pot large enough to accommodate 2 gallons of oil and a 14" wide taco, to nearly $200 worth of hilariously unhealthy ingredients - the Taco Town 15-layer taco is one for the books.

I'm gearing up to shoot now, pre-making all the sauces and fillings, with estimated taco time in t-minus 4 hours.  I'm very nervous about a few things: the logistics of making the final few layers (particularly a 13" blueberry pancake), the ability to batter the entire thing, the prospect of dunking a 10-pound taco into 2 gallons of 375F oil, the fear that it'll all come spilling out after painstakingly putting the whole thing together.  Lots of opportunities for things to go horribly wrong, with my money, pride, and burn-able skin on the line.

Say a prayer for me guys.