That's how much weird meat is in my fridge.  Let's take attendance - this week's grocery list included: squab, fatback, wild boar, whole rabbit, bottom round, beef kidney, lard, and a pint of pig's blood.  What the hell could I possibly be making?

The gruesome-grub enthusiasts among you may realize right away that, at long last, I'm doing a Game of Thrones special.  I won't say which dishes I'm making just yet - but rest assured there's a host of fan favorites in there.  It's proving to be a tremendous challenge; we're talking about some seriously medieval cookery, ranging from delicate and ornate to downright barbaric.  I plan on spending the next two days confined to the kitchen, molding pastry, butchering a host of different animals, and of course, swilling ale and wine like a true inhabitant of the seven kingdoms.  

Which house do I belong to?  Let me put it this way: I'm with her.