Hey all!  I'm dipping my toes into the hot tub of interactivity that is creator meetups.  I sprung a surprise one on the internet today for a scant 8 guests of tomorrow night's episode filming, in an effort to prevent wasting a huge amount of unhealthy food I can't consume (all) myself!

This first meetup will be a sort of litmus test for future meetups - if someone stabs me or steals my TV, maybe no more meetups!  If we have a good time and hang out and have a drink, you can expect a litany of meetups in the future - ranging from potluck-picnics in Central Park to parties at the YouTube space to little dinners like the one I'm hosting tomorrow night.  Everyone that's coming seems really nice, so I have high hopes!  If the vibe is right, we may even live-stream the ceremonial cutting of the cross-section for all the internet to see.

The food item we'll be sharing is the Ultimeatum from Regular Show, a burger within a burger sandwiched together by two burgers.  With himalayan ketchup.  This is a dumb thing that isn't going to work well, so I also have a Babish Ultimeatum in the works.  Let's hope I please some taste buds!  Or at least get everyone drunk - the objective of any successful dinner party.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be frantically cleaning my house, as I just had this idea a couple hours ago.

You can join the meetup group here, and be in the know/first to be notified of future meetups!  There may be meetups accommodating up to 100 people in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled.  Wish me luck!