Hello everyone - welcome to my continuing effort to post to the blog with greater regularity!

This week I’m pleased as punch to have just received a semi-city-safe electric smoker which, upon receiving, immediately prompted a trip to the grocery store to seek out smoke-worthy meats.  While shooting a Patreon garlic-peeler-exclusive, I put the contraption to good use with a dozen wings, a rack of babyback ribs, and a coil of sausage.  In the end, this surprisingly reasonable investment (about the same price as a Weber grill) ended up functioning splendidly.  Adding a handful of wood chips every hour, the thing maintains a sous vide-like consistent temperature, gently coaxing some cheap cuts into becoming summer delicacies.  I swear I’m not being paid to write this either, I’m just super-happy to be able to finally achieve some legit BBQ on my Harlem rooftop!!  Very much looking forward to putting this to good use (and the intended purpose behind its purchase) making the Katz’s-style pastrami from When Harry Met Sally.  But, in the more immediate future, it’ll be spewing smoke under the fireworks, illegally launched from surrounding Manhattan rooftops.

Hope you all have a lovely 4th of July, laden with as many backyard meats (or meat substitutes) as you can handle!!